Doctor of Medicine

Medical Doctor (MD) Degree Studies

לתכנית הלימודים בעברית

The aim of the medical studies program is to train the future doctors of Israel. The program provides a firm base of knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of modern clinical medicine, equipping the students with the tools necessary to cope with rapid developments in medical research, new technology and the human challenges inherent in medical practice.

In the first three years the students receive the grounding in the chemical, physical and biological sciences required to practice evidence-based medicine at the highest level, earning them a bachelor in medical sciences (B.Sc.) degree. From the first week of their studies, the students dedicate one day a week to clinical training, working in patient-care environment as apprentices, get familiarized with the medical staff and directly with patients. The studies take place in a unique environment in the green campus of the Technion on Mount Carmel and the Technion Medical Campus on the seashore at Bat Galim.

In the next three years (clinical years) the training takes place in small groups in the medical centers and clinics affiliated to the faculty. Following this period, the students participate in a year of practical work in a central health care center. The student expands and improves their clinical skills under the guidance of senior doctors and experienced medical staff.

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