Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Education Unit  

The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine Continuing Education Unit  is committed to providing continuing medical education for physicians, nurses and other allied health professions. Our main purpose is to improve knowledge, competence, and performance, and to address concerns and technology challenges aplicable for 21st century.

The veraity of  courses taught in Hebrew will promote professional development that:

  • Emphasizes effective patient-centered care
  • Fosters collaboration and among health professionals and their institutions to address quality improvement
  • Addresses modern practice and procedures
  • Embodies high standards regarding the ethical conduct of medical activities

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Non-Thesis Master’s Degree in Genetic Counseling

The program focuses on training students to meet the current needs of today’s healthcare community with attention to the advancement of genomic medicine. Students learn through coursework and internships to work effectively with individuals and families in a variety of ways including assessing medical history; assessing actual or potential risks; providing appropriate options to complex needs; and clearly explaining information in a thoughtful and caring way. The curriculum integrates the science of genetics and genomics with the knowledge, current research and communication skills needed to ethically and effectively deliver genetic counseling services to individuals and families.

For more information, please visit our Hebrew only website