The Faculty of Medicine will educate its students to harness the sciences and the humanities in preserving the health of body and mind; understanding of body and mind and the dynamic relationship between individuals and their human, biological and physical environment, in health and illness. The Faculty will prepare its students to fulfil their mission as physicians: alleviating human suffering, physical pain and mental anguish; to provide care and cure for every person, regardless of origin, religion, race, sex, age, culture or nationality, for any person who seeks the eyes and the touch of the physician, the attention, compassion or smile, a word of encouragement or a hug. The faculty will educate attentive doctors who are willing and able to help their patients while at the same time humble enough to say bravely and modestly: “I do not know” when they do not know, leaving room for hope. The faculty will educate physicians who will continue to search for ways to recruit science and technology for the benefit of the patient and to promote the health of the body and mind of the individual and the wellness of society. The faculty will provide its students with an extensive intellectual base, enrich the world of metaphors at their disposal to describe and understand the phenomena of nature and life, their knowledge of themselves and their potential for adaptation to a changing world.

The focus of the curriculum will be the individual’s body and behaviour, from a scientific, cultural and historical perspective. To this end, the faculty will provide its students with tools for understanding the physical and chemical basis of the living, the biological and physiological world of the human subject; what a person is, how a person behaves and how she develops behavioural patterns, how she communicates verbally and not through words, how the subject and her community understand health and illness, life and death. The curriculum will combine the study of the human subject as a person and the study of her body as a mechanism, providing tools for understanding the culture, sociology and ecology of humans. The curriculum will foster an intellectual and emotional platform for dealing with the ethical challenges posed by science and society in modern times.