The Rappaports

Bruce and Ruth Rappaport

Model 1973 Display Medical School (From left to right: architect Arye Freiberger ,Bruce Rappaport ,David Ehrlich. Sitting: Ruth Rappaport ,David Barzilai)Ruth and Bruce Rappaport are internationally known philanthropists who have been supporting the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine almost since its inception. In addition, they conceived, established and have generously supported the Rappaport Family Institute for Research in the Medical Sciences. The Rappaports funded the construction of The Rappaport Family Medical Sciences Building a modern, 14-story structure adjacent to Rambam Healthcare Campus, which houses the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute.

Bruce Rappaport and Ruth Rappaport at the entrance to the new building of the Faculty of Medicine

Mr. Rappaport used to quote his dear friend, Mr Shimon Peres, who said that “illnesses have no boundaries and thus medicine can be a bridge to peace.” He also used to reveal that his parents wanted him to have a career in medicine; he preferred to work in business. In order to accomplish both objectives, he worked in business and donated to medical endeavors in Israel and the USA on a grand scale.

It is indeed rare to find philanthropists who continually support a cause with such enthusiasm and high level of involvement. This is particularly true in the case of basic and clinical research, where results are not immediate or obvious. Without the Rappaports’ dedication and involvement, the Faculty and the Institute could not have achieved the excellent scientific and academic successes and the distinguished reputation which they enjoy.

Originally from Haifa, the Rappaports have also supported numerous causes in the city and throughout the State of Israel, including child care centers and hospices, as well as museums and centers for the arts. In recognition of his generosity and dedication, Mr. Rappaport was awarded Honorary Citizenship of Haifa, a Technion honorary Doctorate of Science in Technion and the Technion Medal.

In addition to his belief that one day a Technion researcher would win a Nobel Prize, Mr. Rappaport dreamed that the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Medical Research in his and Ruth’s name would become a center for medical studies and a source of regional support for all the countries of the Middle East. He hoped that his numerous connections with the Arab countries would help him build this path of peace. He aspired to have Israeli scientists lead their colleagues from the Arab countries and help them establish great research institutes, like our Rappaport Institute. The Technion, home to students of all backgrounds, supports this goal too.