Genetics and Developmental – Biology

The Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology investigates the roles of genes in regulating a wide range of biological phenomenon.  Some labs in the department study how genes control complex processes such as embryonic development, organ formation, and stem cell differentiation.  Others focus on the role of genes in the dynamics and evolution of populations, from bacteria to humans.  A major emphasis throughout the department is how misregulation of genes leads to human disease, and research findings from the department have found application in understanding kidney disease, AIDS, retinal degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy, and antibiotic resistance of pathogenic microorganisms.


Department Chair, Ruby Shalom-Feuerstein

Tamar Ben-Yosef

Tom Schultheiss

Peleg Hasson

Ruth Hershberg

Ella Preger-Ben Noon

Adi Salzberg

Sara Selig

Karl Skorecki

Haguy Wolfenson