The Department of Neuroscience



The Department of Neuroscience encompasses a variety of research labs who share a common interest in understanding the normal physiology of the brain as well as the pathophysiological basis of brain disorders. Researchers at the department cover the full range of scientific levels from perception to molecular biology and from learning to synaptic transmission, providing an exciting environment for scientific collaborations and students interactions. One of our main goals is to enhance the scientific work of the group collectively. To achieve this we promote development of core infrastructure, scientific collaborations between the department members and activities to graduate students in the department such as seminars and meetings.

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Department Chair, Jackie Schiller

Shai Berlin

Hadas Benisty

Dorit Ben-Shachar

Dori Derdikman

Yoram Gutfreund

Omri Barak

Ben Engelhard

Noam Ziv