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Committed to student services and success, this page will be your guide to the many campus resources here at The Technion

Academic Calendar -2017/2018

18/09/2018   Tues.   Yom Kippur eve – institution is closed
19/09/2018   Wed.   Yom Kippur – institution is closed
20/09/2018   Thurs.   Institution is closed
23/09/2018   Sun.   Sukkot eve – institution is closed
24/09/2018   Mon.   Sukkot – institution is closed
25/09/2018   Tues.   Chol HaMoed Sukkot – institution is closed
26/09/2018   Wed.   Chol HaMoed Sukkot – institution is closed
27/09/2018   Thurs.   Chol HaMoed Sukkot – institution is closed
28/09/2018   Fri.   Chol HaMoed Sukkot – institution is closed
30/09/2018   Sun.   Hoshana Rabbah – institution is closed
01/10/2018   Mon.   Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah– institution is closed
03/10/2018   Wed.   Begining of End Semester Examinations (Summer)
18/10/2018   Thurs.   Welcome ceremony for new students
19/10/2018   Fri.   Ending of Semester Examinations (Summer)
21/10/2018   Sun.   First day of the academic year

Medical Students Committee

In the Bat Galim neighborhood, near Haifa downtown, lies the campus of the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine. Because of its distance from the Technion main campus, the Medical Students Committee plays an important role in the lives of the students while fulfilling all their academic, social and cultural needs. The committee is the address for students in almost every field of life and therefore has a special structure that is different from the other faculties of the Technion.

Please visit our website for more information including: events and culture, sport center, job offers, housing related activities and volunteering.

Dean of Students

The Greek poet Dionysios Solomos wrote, “Doors are not so easily opened when the needy knock and yearn.” In addition, the students themselves do not always know which door to knock on. This is where the Dean of Students Office comes into the picture. The office is responsible for student aid in the form of scholarships and loans, dormitories and mentoring, psychological counseling, helping reservists and pregnant women, and enriching campus life through social and cultural activities.

Please visit our website for more information including: loans and scholarships, students with disabilities, parental accommodations and career center.

International Students

Students at Technion International can expect a rich and rewarding experience on campus. Technion is home to students from all over the world, with a diverse multicultural atmosphere that creates a vibrant, open and welcoming environment on campus.

Technion offers international students a wide variety of weekly athletic, social and cultural activities as well as top notch recreational facilities. Newcomers will discover that Haifa is a picturesque and dynamic city draped over the perennially green Carmel Mountain, facing the Mediterranean Sea , with comfortable temperatures even in summer. Students can enjoy the lovely Carmel beaches, stroll through renowned garden including the famous Baha’i Gardens and enjoy modern entertainment in the country’s third largest city. More information on Haifa can be found here.

Please visit our website for more information including: partner universities and student exchange, research positions, summer programs, estimated living expenses and more.


Financial Aid

Grants and scholarships may be available to undergraduate students. The financial aid office at the Technion could provide you with more information:

Website (Hebrew only):

Graduate school scholarships are awarded based on academic criteria alone. The minimum grade for receiving a scholarship will be set by each academic unit and can be changed from semester to semester, but will never be below the average grade of 80. The condition for the minimum average grade for scholarship recipients must be kept at any time of the studies and it is forbidden to deviate from it during the whole time of reception of scholarship.

For additional information, see Scholarship award guidelines.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Technion is a learning community dedicated to providing a safe and respectful environment, considering all the rights, responsibilities, well-being and dignity of all its members.

As an institution of higher learning, the pursuit of knowledge at the Technion will be greatly promoted by freedom of expression and decision making, mutual respect and tolerance.

The students  are responsible for making themselves aware of the University Regulations, including any relevant policy and procedures responsibilities.

The students’ rights website is supplied to provide convenient access to university-wide policies, including exams, repeating courses, Student Ombudsman, pregnant students and more.

To read more about prevention of sexual harassment – Synopsis of Regulations for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Technion

The Technion Alumni

Numbering around 80,000 worldwide, Technion Alumni are an influential and highly regarded group. The alumni network is incredible; it offers you the opportunity to expand your professional and personal network with extraordinary contacts, receive invitations to exclusive events, enjoy a variety of perks and careers-focused benefits, help with job search strategies and networking and much more.

Alumni are an important asset to the Technion. Therefore, the Technion is committed to the personal and professional development of its alumni. Members have a great opportunity to acquire and sharpen their leadership and communication skills while making lasting connections.

Join our network – register free of charge. For more information (Hebrew only), visit The Technion Alumni Website.