Gad Rennert

Gad Rennert
Professor and Chairman, Dept. Community Medicine and Epidemiology,
Carmel Medical Center and The Chil and Berta Weissman Chair in Precision Medicine,
B. Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion and Director, Clalit National Cancer Control Center 

My research interests are in molecular/genetic cancer epidemiology, cancer prevention and screening and in
molecular or personalized targeted medicine. A particular area of focus of my work has been the interaction
between behavioral / environmental risk factors for cancer, and the role of genetic events
(mutations, polymorphisms/variants, gene-expression) in the causation of breast, colorectal,
lung, gynecological, pancreato-hepato-biliary and other cancers, including the study of unique
founder cancer-associated mutations identified in my large Familial Cancer Consultation Service
of more than 14,000 high-risk families. My studies involve a deep epidemiological/genetic evaluation
of more than 45,000 study participants with a bio-bank of more than 400,000 aliquots of DNA, sera and tumor tissue blocks.
Cancer chemoprevention studies are another focus of my scientific work. In addition, I am studying and coordinating, for Clalit,
the cancer screening activities on a national level in Israel (from policy to implementation-adherence, quality and outcomes).
A current leading activity is a randomized controlled Trial (RCT) aimed at testing the potential benefit of implementing genetics
into the routine clinical care in primary care clinics (through identification of risk alleles and pharmacogenetic SNPs). more info