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    Insights into Neurodegeneration
    In Assistant Professor Itamar Kahn’s…
  • Associate Professor Simone Engelender
    Associate Professor Simone Engelender
    Associate Professor Simone Engelender and…
  • The Promise of Stem Cells
    The Promise of Stem Cells
    Professor Ofer Binah, Professor Joseph…
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    Cellular Insights into Cancer
    Associate Professor Yuval Shaked’s research group…
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    Professor Lior Gepstein
    Professor Lior Gepsteinand his research…
  • 2
    Cellular Insights Into Cancer
    Researchers at the Technion are…
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    The Rappaport Legacy
    When the idea to establish…

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  • reut shalgy 2

    Learning the Language of Proteins

    12 בMay 2015

    “Science leads you in directions you hadn’t thought of, and you have to navigate your way through it.” […]

  • pomegranetfeatures-231x125

    Pomegranate & Dates for Life

    16 בApril 2015

    Glorious, red pomegranates and their Middle Eastern sister, luscious toffee-like dates, are delicious, increasingly trendy, and healthy to […]

  • che-231x125

    Breakthrough in Cancer Research

    16 בApril 2015

    The ubiquitin system produces a protein that greatly restricts the development of cancerous tumors. A new study by […]