Peleg Hasson

Peleg Hasson


Associate Professor Peleg Hasson has completed all is his studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Following a PhD on fly genetics he has moved to The National Institute for Medical Research, MRC, in London, UK and has started to use murine systems as the main tool. He has joined the Technion in 2010 and since then he has headed the tissue development laboratory at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. His research is aimed at dissecting the interactions between cells and the extracellular matrix, i.e., how do the cells modify the matrix and how, in turn, this matrix affects the cells. Research in his lab focuses on developing and regenerating tissues as well as on pathologies including muscular dystrophies and vascular aneurysms. Towards that end, the Hasson laboratory has generated multiple novel mouse models for manipulating key extracellular modifying enzymes that are involved in distinct human diseases.

Tel: office +972-4-8295462

Tel: lab +972-4-8295308