Noam Kaplan

Location: 8th floor, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine

Phone: 04-8295293



Short Bio:


2016-: Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Biophysics & Systems Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Technion

2012-2016: Postdoctoral Fellow, Program in Systems Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School

2006-2011: PhD Computational Biology, Department of Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute

2003-2005: MSc Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, Department of Biological Chemistry, Hebrew University

2000-2003: BSc Biology “Etgar” Honors Program, Department of Biological Chemistry, Hebrew University


The lab of Genome Structure & Function, headed by Prof. Kaplan, studies the profound connection between genetic information and its physical organization in space. His research combines experimental and computational methods to gain a mechanistic understanding of how the genome encodes its spatial organization and how this organization conveys biological function in various biological systems and diseases.