Dori Derdikman

Dori Derdikman was born in 1969 in Tel-Aviv. He has studied an undergraduate in Mathematics and Physics in Tel-Aviv university, Neural computation in the Hebrew university and completed a PhD in neuroscience in the Weizmann Institute, on the somatosensory cortex, under the supervision of Prof. Ehud Ahisssar and Dr. Amos Arieli, in 2006. He did a postdoc in Norway on grid cells in the laboratory of the Nobel laurates Profs. May-Britt and Edvard Moser. Following that he did a second postdoc on the cognitive map of bats, in the lab of Nachum Ulanovsky in the Weizmann Institute. Since 2011 he has a position in the Medicine Faculty in the Technion, in the Neuroscience department, and has been appointed as Associate Professor in 2018. The Derdikman lab researches the question of how the cognitive map in the hippocampal regions is formed, what is the readout from this area, and how is it related to learning, memory, and reward, both in health and in disease. Techniques in the lab include  electrode recordings during mice behavior, miniscope calcium-imaging during behavior, optogenetics and chemogenetics. Prof. Derdikman research has been funded by ISF, GIF, NIMH-BSF, Rappaport Institute, Adelis foundation and the Prince Center for Neurodegenerative disorders of the brain.

 Representative publications:

  1. Derdikman D., Whitlock JR, Tsao A, Fyhn M, Hafting T, Moser MB, Moser EI. Fragmentation of grid cell maps in a multicompartment environment. Nat Neurosci. 2009 Oct;12(10):1325-32.
  2. Book: Derdikman D., Knierim J.J. Eds. , Space, Time and Memory in the Hippocampal Formation, Springer, Wien, 571 pages, 2014
  3. Finkelstein A*, Derdikman D*, Rubin A, Foerster JN, Las L, Ulanovsky N. Three-dimensional head-direction coding in the bat brain. Nature (article). 2015 Jan 8;517(7533):159-64. *Equal contrib.
  4. Dordek Y, Soudry D, Meir R, Derdikman D. Extracting grid cell characteristics from place cell inputs using non-negative principal component analysis. eLife. 2016 Mar 8;5:e10094.
  5. Gofman X, Tocker G, Weiss S, Boccara CN, Lu L, Moser MB, Moser EI, Morris G, Derdikman D. Dissociation between Postrhinal Cortex and Downstream Parahippocampal Regions in the Representation of Egocentric Boundaries. Curr Biol. 2019 Aug 19;29(16):2751-2757.e4

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