The Rappaport Legacy


When the idea to establish a Faculty of Medicine in Haifa was presented to Ruth and Bruce Rappaport, their affirmation was a milestone in the history of the Technion and the city of Haifa. The Rappaport Faculty of Medicine offered students from the north of Israel for the first time the opportunity to study medicine close to home, and set the foundations fora medical research center that would go on to earn the distinction of Nobel Prize winning achievements.

Within the Rappaport Medical Sciences Building, theRappaport Faculty of Medicine, the Rappaport FamilyInstitute for Research in the Medical Sciences, The AlfredGoldschmidt Medical Library and The Ruth Auditorium aretestaments to the extraordinary generosity of the Rappaportfamily over the decades. The field of medicine, as it isstudied and practiced, has directly benefited from the vision, commitment and support of the Rappaport family.