The Rambam Health Care Campus

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The cooperation between the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport School of Medicine and the Rambam medical center involves extensive teaching, tutoring as well as basic and clinical research. Among the 370 specialists’ tenured physicians at Rambam, 182 hold an academic appointment. Twenty four Ph.D theses, 15 M.Sc theses and 6 post-doctoral fellows are supervised by Rambam physician scientists (2013). The research at the Rambam medical center is multidisciplinary and involves both basic and clinical research in the fields of hematology, cancer, human molecular genetics, cardiovascular medicine, stem cells, clinical brain research, diabetes and metabolism. Twenty two major competitive research grants have been awarded to Rambam’s scientists amounting to $2M (2013). In addition, Rambam medical center has extensive activity in translating discoveries and innovative ideas of its clinical research physicians to the corporate sector. These include developing and promoting innovations into applicable projects as well as protecting and commercializing intellectual property.