Shoham Geriatric Center

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Shoham Geriatric center is a “post-acute care” hospital with emphasis on rehabilitation and functional recovery due to diverse disabilities such as stroke, fractures and mechanical ventilation. The staff is highly dedicated and active in teaching and research. Research is focused on the special aspects of post-acute care in the geriatric population, aspects of long term care and special attention to preventive medicine and health policy.
Post-acute care research topics include geriatric rehabilitation issues such as delirium assessment and management, falls prevention, infections in the special setting of post-acute care, weaning from prolonged mechanical ventilation, cognitive and functional evaluation in post-stroke rehabilitation and the effect of spirituality on rehabilitation outcomes.
Long term care research topics: neurodegenerative diseases with special emphasis on dementia and behavioural symptoms associated with dementia, polypharmacy and end of life dilemmas.
Research regarding preventive medicine includes increasing the awareness to osteoporosis treatment in order to prevent fractures and developing memory enhancement techniques. Healthy policy research focused on the difference in dementia care in the center of Israel and the periphery.

Selected Publication 2010-2014

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