The Emek Medical Center (EMC) – Research Activity

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The EMC is the leading hospital in research, and research regulation in northern Israel. The EMC research unit provides various services to all personnel involved in research.  The EMC has currently 300 active, basic and clinical, research projects. These projects are innovative, and policy changing with regard to patient treatment, by promoting and improving the understanding of medical, epidemiological and aetiological processes.
Medical research is performed in a wide range of disciplines including cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology, high risk pregnancy, obstetrics, in-vitro fertility, urology, pediatrics, surgery, allergy, hepatology, dermatology, genetics, oncology , ophthalmology, hematology, gastreoenterology , endocrinology etc.
The EMCs investigators collaborate with scientists and doctors in other research faculties in and out of Israel.
An annual exhibition of research projects is held every February, where local investigators present their research and acheivements