Shalev Eliezer - Professor


Alma Mater

M.D. Faculty of Medicine, Technion Israel Institute of Technology. 1977

Main Research Area

Basic research in reproduction (Human Embrionic Implantation, Mechanism of  Parturition and Ovarian Pathophysiology).
Clinical research in Fetal physiology, prenatal diagnosis and treatment.

Research projects

1. The role of Plexins B1-Semaphorin 4D ligand-receptor system in normal and abnormal ovarian follicular development and its possible interaction with the Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) receptor c-MET -signaling pathway.

2. Decidual activation in labor,the role and regulation of the Progesterone receptor and PGF2a(FP)receptor.

3. Regulation and role of the scatter factors receptors(c-MET and RON), Plexin B1, and steroid receptors(PR and ER)in endometrial receptivity.

4. Transcriptional regulation of MMP2 in first trimester human trophoblast.

Journal articles

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