Combined Study Track, MD-MPH/MHA in University of Haifa, is offered to Technion medical students



As of 2016, Haifa University is offering a new study track (in public health or health administration) to Technion medical students who have successfully completed 3 years of study and have fulfilled all the requirements for a BSc in Medical Sciences.
Students who meet the criteria may take this 1-year course between their 3rd and 4th years at the Technion and then resume their MD studies in the Technion (as long as they are eligible to start the clinical track).
Further details are available from Haifa University.
In this modern era of information, medical research and technological explosion coupled with limited resources presents the physician with complex challenges.  Expertise in gathering data, critical reading and data analysis, research methods, data management and decision making will assist the physician to deal successfully with these challenges in all fields.  The short, integrated MPH/MHA-MD track/program prepares the physicians of the future to be high level professionals.

Advantages of the integrated program

  • The required thesis for the MPH/MHA program is also counted as the final project for MD studies. Students will be offered methodological instruction and guidance for their thesis.
  • Successful completion of the program deducts 1 year from internships in public health and/or medical administration that require an MPH/MHA. It also exempts students from the basic science rotation of other internships.
  • Enhancement of medical research skills
    • Acquisition of skills/Development of competency needed for independent, efficient and high-quality clinical research of all types (how to design research methods, organize and implement the research, set-up data files, analyze the data, scientific writing, make critical deductions)
    • Become acquainted with prevalent statistical methods and tests in the medical field and learn to use top-quality processes independently
    • Improved ability to write grant proposals
    • Familiarity with the principles of data mining for research from medical science databases and the organization and management of this data.
  • Development and strengthening of administrative and decision making skills
    • Improved proficiency in data analysis and critical appraisal based on facts garnered from medical literature
    • Ability to evaluate and integrate data in order to establish health policies
    • Knowledge of and comprehension of the Israeli health care system
    • Understanding the social, environmental and economic aspects that influence health and disease
    • Acquisition of tools needed to manage health care (for those who choose the MHA program)

Integration of this program with medical studies allows the students early and effective implementation of additional resources and tools that they will acquire in their work as physicians.

Further details are available from Haifa University.