About Department of Cell Biology and Cancer Science

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The department of cell biology and cancer science aims to advance knowledge in fundamental biological questions that are highly relevant for cancer. We strongly believe that understanding the processes underlying normal development and their miss-regulation in cancer is the basis for identifying molecular targets for early detection, intervention, and cure. Image of Cell Biology and Cancer ScienceTherefore, our multidisciplinary department is the home for diverse groups that study different aspects of human cancer biology. We are interested in having a broad view and multiple levels such as the cancer cell, the microenvironment, cancer stem cells, immune cells and the interactions between them. We study how tumors, a complex heterogeneous entity grows and spread. In this regard we focus on the biochemistry and cell biology of ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis (Aaron Ciechanover), viral-induced cells death (Tamar Kleinberger), oncogenic stress response and RING proteins (Zee’v Ronai), cancer cell signaling (Ami Aronheim), genetic and genomic dissection of cancer networks (Amir Orian), angiogenesis and tumor microenvironment (Gera Neufeld), metastasis and tumor progression (Israel Vlodavsky), and the host-response in cancer tumorigenesis following therapy (Yuval Shaked). Toward these aims we apply various tools including biochemistry, cell-biology, Drosophila genetic and cancer genomics, cancer mouse models, advanced models of angiogenesis and metastasis, and cancer patient-derived specimens. We welcome everyone to join our efforts to defeat this disease.