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Assistant Professor Daniella Magen
Location: Rambam Health Care Campus
Tel: 972-4-8295277
Fax: 972-4-8512380
 Main Research Area
 Basic research in the field of molecular biology: Investigating the genetic basis of inherited renal and metabolic disorders transmitted as simple Mendelian traits.

Clinical research in the field of pediatric nephrolgy

 Research projects

Basic Research: Positional cloning by Homozygosity mapping, linkage analysis and direct sequencing of candidate genes in in consanguineous families with inherited renal and metabolic disorders.


Clinical Research: Epidemiology and bacteriology of pediatric urinary tract infection; Imaging methods in various pediatric urinary tract anomalies; Establishing normal values for urinary mineral excretion among children of various age groups.   

 Teaching activities
  • Tutor and teacher of medical students at the Technion Faculty of Medicine during their clinical clerkship in pediatrics (5th and 6th years of medical studies). Teaching subjects: general pediatrics and pediatric nephrology.
  • Teaching foreign graduate physicians during their preparation course for the licensure examination to practice medicine in Israel. Teaching subjects: General pediatrics and pediatric nephrology.
  • Teaching nurses at the Cheryl-Spencer Nursing School AND AT THE Haifa University-Technion Faculty of Medicine Joint program during various courses in general pediatrics, pediatric intensive care and general nephrology. Teaching subjects: pediatric nephrology.

 Journal articles
   Click here for a list of available publications in PubMed.