Tuition fees are determined at time of admission.
Tuition fees for a master’s degree are determined and based on the study requirements given to the student at the time of admission. (Thesis equals 20 credits, a final project equals 12 credits).
Tuition is determined for an entire degree, where 100% tuition means one year’s tuition. Tuition for a degree is usually 200%-300%.
Tuition for “non-degree” is 50% per semester.
Upon admission, two forms (Bank form & Declaration form) need to be filled out and submitted to the Tuition Fees Departments. Only after submission of said forms can course registration be done, as well as all other procedures.

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Tuition for an additional graduate degree:

A graduate student who wishes (and is approved) to study for an additional graduate degree at Technion, will pay full tuition for that degree.

Security fees:

In accordance with government regulations, as of 2003 every student is charged a security fee. A
student paying partial tuition will pay security fees accordingly.