Ph.D. Program

Admission Requirements:

Only applicants holding M.Sc. or MD degrees and who excelled in their studies (88% or above) will be accepted. The acceptance of applicants with international degrees will be pending approval of the Graduate School of Technion. The decision of the departmental Graduate Studies Committee will be based on grades, curriculum vitae, professional achievements and letters of recommendation. The applicant is expected to find a prospective advisor from the Faculty staff, prior to registration. Forms of “Agreement to Serve as Advisor” are available at the departmental Office for Graduate Studies.

Study Requirements:

A minimum of 10 credits will be required. Applicants with insufficient background in their field of specialization may be required to study additional courses.


Ph.D. students will be required to carry out a research project under the direction of a staff member (see clause 35 of Graduate School Regulations).

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