Orian (Oryan) Amir - Associate Professor

Amir Orian

My laboratory focuses on understanding fundamental mechanisms Amir Oryanand genes of cancer-related genetic networks. These networks are critical for maintenance of the differentiated identity and deregulation of such networks is associated with cancer.

We focus on:
1. “Identity network”;, genes that are required to maintain the identity of differentiated cells and serve as a “barrier to tumorigenesis.”
2. NOA-gene network; Non-Oncogene Addiction genes that a essential for cancer cells to cope with the oncogenic stress, are vital for maintaining the tumorous phenotype, but are less critical to un-transformed cells. Thus, they are have the potential to be molecular targets for molecular cancer therapy.

Our current projects include:
1. Characterizing the role of SUMO-Targeted-Ubiquitin Ligase proteins in Drosophila development and human cancer.
2. Identifying genes involved in innate immune responses to distinct pathogens.
3. Delineating the genes that regulate adult gut homeostasis at the genetic and genomic level, with a focus on genes that maintain the balance between progenitor and differentiated cells.

Towards these aims we employ advanced genetic and genomic tools to study transcriptional networks using Drosophila genetics and genomics, mammalian cells, mouse-derived intestinal organoids and patient-derived specimens.