Finberg John - Associate Professor

Finberg John

Main Research Area

Neuropharmacology of Parkinson’s disease

Research projects

1. Neuroprotective and Neurogenic effects of low intensity magnetic fields on neurons:
Recently we have established that low intensity static magnetic fields have both neuroprotective and neurogenic-promoting effects in primary neuronal cultures. We have also made initial observations which show that similar fields have behavioral effects in normal, conscious rats. Since the human body is transparent to magnetic fields, these findings have important implications in development of new therapies directed against neurodegenerative and pyschiatric diseases. We are currently studying the mechanism of these effects on gene expression in rat brain and cultured neurons. This project is in collaboration with Prof Levi Schachter, Electrical Engineering, Technion.

2. Analysis of exhaled air content of volatile molecules in Parkinson’s disease:
This project is in collaboration with Professor Hossam Haick, Chemical Engineering, Technion, and Professor Jacob Vaya, Migal-Galilee Technology Center, Kiryat Shmona. We have found alterations in the spectrum of exhaled volatile molecules in Parkinsonian patients, as well as rats with depletion of dopaminergic neurons, and are developing this finding as a possible technique to detect early stage Parkinson’s disease, using a portable “electronic nose” system.

3. Studies on the mechanism of L-dopa-induced dyskinesia in the rat:
We are studying the occurrence of dopamine storage sites in medium spiny neurons of rat striatum using immunocytochemical analysis of dopamine. These dopamine storage sites are depleted of dopamine following lesion of the ascending nigro-striatal dopaminergic pathway, but could be repleted by administration of exogenous l-dopa. The function of the post-synaptic stored dopamine is being investigated in relation to L-dopa-induced dyskinesia.

Journal articles

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Items 1 – 15

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