Scientific Research Program

The Scientific Medical Studies Program is a new three-years program designed for applicants with high grades who want to devote themselves to medical research and/or a PhD in the medical sciences or who want to become physicians. Teaching takes place on the main Technion campus (Neve Sha’anan) and in the Faculty of Medicine located in Bat Galim. The first year of the program takes place exclusively on the main campus.
During the first two years of the program, students study with medical students. In the third year they take advanced courses in medical research and work on a year-long project which serves as the basis for advanced degree research.
Students who are deliberating whether to choose the medical research track or the clinical medicine track will be given the option of applying to the medical studies program at the end of third semester.
(As determined from time to time by the Faculty of medicine.  For more information: Technion admissions office)

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