The Dean’s Page

Prof. Eliezer Shalev , Dean of the Faculty

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, a vital community of students, faculty and staff dedicated to excellence in research and medical education.
Our Faculty is one of the few medical faculties worldwide integrated at a technological institute. Research in the Technion Faculty of Medicine has attained impressive achievements.
In the short time since its establishment in 1969, the Faculty has earned the scientific community’s highest respect in several research areas. Two of our Faculty members, Distinguished Professors Avram Hershko and Aharon Ciechanover were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004 for discovering the Ubiquitin system and its crucial role in protein degradation and cell cycle. The Faculty Center for Degenerative Brain Diseases is world famous and has brought about the development of new medicines in protection against brain degeneration. Our Stem Cell scientists are well known as pioneers in their field. Technion Faculty members have contributed to the understanding of “crush syndrome” that has enabled the rescue of thousands of earthquake victims around the     world. The Faculty Centers for Cardiovascular Diseases and for Cancer Research have led to new and important discoveries in the growth of blood vessels and in future pharmacological treatment of patients with vascular disease or cancer. These most impressive achievements are only the tip of the iceberg and have already earned our Faculty a reputation for being at the forefront of medical research.
We are very proud of the large number of our graduates currently holding key positions within the medical system, academia and industry in Israel.
The Faculty is extremely proud of its achievements and worldwide recognition gained during its 45 years of existence. We look forward to future challenges and successes.


Eliezer Shalev, MD